Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Fell In Love

I met these really nice people, Joan and Hugh, the other night and it was LOVE at first site. They are the nicest. And guess what? They thought I was too. Now they are my forever mom and dad!

I LOVE happy endings.

I hope Kipp gets to find the same love pretty soon too. I miss him, but I know his foster mom and dad think he is special and will find the perfect home for him.

I was taught manners at my foster home, so I can't say good-bye without first saying a HUGH THANK YOU to IBR for giving me a second chance and finding my mom and dad.

You're the Best IBR!
Gracie (aka Karly)

P.S. Anyone reading this and looking for a nice doggie, like me, PLEASE visit
  • Illinois Bird Dog Rescue

  • They have lots of dogs that are waiting to show their love just to you!

    Sunday, June 18, 2006

    Hi, I'm Karly

    My name is Karly and I am a pure bred English Setter. Girls don't tell their age, but I will because I'm still young. I'm only around 1 year old. I was found on a bridge of a 4 lane highway in Illinois. I don't know how I got there or why no one looked for me, but I am ready to move on to new beginnings and give my love to someone who cares. I have a lot to offer that special someone. I give hugs and kisses, and I can even warm your lap on a cold wintery night. I'm a little reserved right now at my foster home, I've only been here a couple days, but my foster parents really think I'm special and I'm beginning to believe so too. It may take a little time to feel totally secure in a new home, but I'm more than willing to try my hardest to make it perfect for you and me.

    If you are intested in meeting me, and how could you not. I'm so pretty, you can find me at Illinois Birddog Rescue. Their link is below. I'm the cutiest one there(but don't tell the other girls). :o)

  • Illinois Bird Dog Rescue
  • Petite and Sweet

    I'm a tiny little girl. I stand 19 inches tall and weigh only a petite 28 lbs. I have soft silky white fur with a little black ticking on my back. Since I'm still getting use to my new surroundings in my foster home, I haven't voiced my opinion on things yet. I do get sad when my humans leave the room. I watch the door they left from and wag my tail when they come back. From my pictures, you can see that I'm not very tall, but I have a lot of love to share with that special someone!

    Love Human Contact

    I just love to cuddle with my humans.